Jeff and Emelda Hollis
"Wishing You Both All The Best In Life."

You are still a young couple and have many paths in life to travel together. And to guide you towards a blissful and happy marriage, let me share with you some of the following beautiful thoughts of Rev. Paul Osumi:

"The mere fact that a couple gets happily married doesn't mean they are going to be happy. In order to possess the joy and happiness of marriage, the couple must pay a price in terms of courtesy, consideration and respect. We cannot have anything worthwhile without paying the price. Happiness in marriage has a price tag."

"The first law of life is to love. Not to love is to lose life. We need to love more than we need to be loved. To preserve life, we need to give it to something or somebody. For the selfish man, the world grows smaller and smaller until he lives alone. For the man who gives and loves, the world grows larger with his touch."

"'Let not the sun go down upon your wrath' is sound advice. If a disagreement rises between husband and wife, it should be settled before the day is done. Keeping up a quarrel and nursing resentment make the home a chilly and miserable place"

"Why not look for the best - the best in other people, the best in ourselves, the best in all life situations? The one who looks for the best knows the worst is there but refuses to be discouraged by it. Though temporarily defeated, dismayed, he smiles and tries again. If you look for the best, life will become pleasant for you and everyone around you."

"We cannot expect all our plans to go through without a hitch. We are bound to have disappointments. We are sure to have failures. We must learn to take our disappointments and failures philosophically. We must learn to smile when things go wrong, to look for the brighter side of life, and to keep on trying until we succeed."

"The sea of life is not always calm. The real test comes when the storms rage, the waves lash and the strong winds blow. the real test comes when life brings us bleak and bitter experiences, the heart-breaking failures, the sad disappointments, the crushing sorrows, the sleepless nights, the blinding tears. When such storms come we must ask God to give us courage and stamina to continue our journey through life."

May these thoughts serve as guiding lights as you go through the dark corridors and alleys in your journey together in the search for a beautiful and lasting relationship. Always remember that those who have confidence and faith in themselves are sure to succeed in achieving their goals ... and don't forget that successful people are always positive thinkers. Good luck and aloha to you both ... "Sa pahintulot nang Diyos, makamit sana ang mga magandang balak ninyo sa buhay bilang mag-asawa."

Juny Pilapil La Putt, "The Hawaiian WebMaster"
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A., August 1997

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