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I have something special to share with you: my own true love story. I would like to tell you how I met the beautiful woman of my dreams, how our love for each other blossomed into the most wonderful experience of my life, and how we finally sealed our love for each other. Here, I will share with you what I personally learned about the different and unique customs, traditions, and beliefs of the beautiful people from far away Ozamiz City on the island of Mindanao (The Philippines' Promised Land). I visited Mindanao twice in my quest for love and happiness. It is a long way from my home in Los Angeles, California. So, you're not sure whether or not you want to commit to the time it will take to read about this? To see some unsolicited critiques, click here.

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After you've read through the contents above, I'd like to invite you to meet the woman I love. Click on the banner below to see some of the best pictures I have of Emelda and to read an essay I wrote about her. You'll see why she captured my heart.

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