Words Of Praise...

Here are some unsolicited quotes from people who have accessed this site...

"1. Wow! What an amazing story!! 2. You are an awesome writer! I love to read your stories so much. You are very creative, and so clever!"--Brenda Barton

"I just visited your page......kewl!!"--Sonny Azurin

"I finally found you on the web. VERY INTERESTING. I'm very impressed. I also read your story of how you came to marry your wife. That was such a beautiful story. It is so rare to really find true love. I think you are a very brilliant, talented man."--Victoria

"I just stumbled into something really nice on the World Wide Web this afternoon and would like to share this with you ... a mini-novel about a beautiful love story between an American from Los Angeles (Jeffrey Lee Hollis) and a young Filipina (Emelda B. Garcines) from Ozamiz City. It is a true-life story and so beautifully written that I am encouraging you to read it too. I'm sure you will like it too. Jeff has described things so nicely and vividly that it makes you feel and imagine what he and Emelda went through. Just try reading the first two parts and you will surely find yourself wanting to read some more. At home this evening I asked my wife to read it, and for the past hour now she has remained so quiet in the family room, so amusedly reading Jeff's love story. I guess she found it much better than the soap opera she watches every afternoon on TV."--Juny Pilapil La Putt

"I don't think we've ever met, but I was at work today...not really working. I sat down to my desk and went to look something personal up on the net. I was going through a list of filipino-related sites...and I came across yours. So I went off to look at your site. Just to let you know, I wasted at least half my workday reading your pages. I was touched. I was entertained. I just had to let you know, I just loved your web site. It was so honest. It really touched my heart. I felt some of your pain."--Rachelle T.

"You are truly lucky to be waiting for the woman you love to join you and begin a new life. The fact that you are sharing so much of this shows that you are genuinely excited about the new path you about to embark on. May you both be blessed with happiness."--Mike Brosnan

"What a love story! And what a beautiful wife! You are indeed blessed."--Ken Ilio

"I like your webpage a lot. I like the graphics and design. Very easy to get from page to page."--Annie

"I like the details of your story, it helps me relive what life is back in the Philippines."--Lope Tabil Jr.

"Just started reading the contents of this page. Very impressive so far. Your experiences bring back many memories of my experience with my Filipina wife Alicia."--John Harlow

"Your homepage is really nice. I am so happy for you and Emelda. I read your love story and it made me melt! HOw sweet... Your wife is very beautiful too."--Hazel

"Jeff!! Grrrrreat improvements to your page! I love all the new pics and graphics. Really kewl stuff!!!!"--Karen Krejcha

"Excellent page! I really enjoyed all that you have to offer."--Kent Blacksher

"GREAT home page!!! You are really one helluva writer!!...and thinker...."--Margie Holmes

"I read your very interesting love story and thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. You also write beautifully and I commend you on your writing skills, but even more, the passion you expressed for the love of your wife. After reading your story, I thought that it might be an article material for one of the weekly publishing magazines in the Philippines. It is just a suggestion. As you probably know, Filipinos are very emotional people and have a penchant for love stories as reflected in our songs. The circumstance of your meeting is unique enough and your romantic experience will certainly arouse the interest of the Filipino readers."--Sonny Mendoza

"It took me FOREVER to read Emelda's story, but it was worth it. I really enjoyed the love story, probably because love stories are my favorite. It was great."--Olivia Crookshanks

"Jeff, Your love story is awesome. I am a Philippine-born American, but I haven't been to places you have gone. I came to the USA when I was 12 years old, has visited the country of my birth several times since then but I have yet to experience what you had. Thank you for letting me surf your web site, I know there are people out there as nice and as decent as you are. Congratulations on your wedding and may you and Emelda be blessed, and may you live happily ever after......"--Loida Melinda

"Just a short note to let you know that I enjoyed reading your whole love story."--Apple Peterson

"I read your love story.. very moving ... (halfway finished....)"--acidbent@bigfoot.com

"I can't think of a more romantic scenario. Holy cow!..I wish you every happiness on Earth in your marriage and every part of your life."--Eric Stormoen

"I can't even begin to describe the joy I feel for you right now."--Leti Romero

"I laughed! I cried! What a story! No, that's not a story - that's a Saga. I am blown away! I know you and Emelda will reread this in the future and marvel at your good fortune (and the fact that you lived through Marilyn's bad banana - I couldn't stop laughing). It is truly a remarkable tale all the more so because it is a true story."--Fred Arbuckle