The Unbearable Whiteness Of Dean
(A Guns And Butter Production)

An outwardly-average Caucasian guy finally lands a date with his dream girl, but fate thwarts his plans when a mysterious phone call pulls him back into his secret life...

--Photo by Peter J. Romero

Eric Stormoen

Jeffrey Lee Hollis
Leticia Romero
Eric Stormoen

Jeffrey Lee Hollis

Adam Watkins

Principal Cast
Jeffrey Lee Hollis as Dean Patterson
Michele Coté as Barbara Wilkins
Preston Jones as Miles Quartermane
Peter J. Romero as Alphonso Dominguez
Eric Stormoen as Tony Grant

(Running time: 28:42)

1995 Santa Barbara International Film Festival
(Official Selection)
1996 Utah Short Film And Video Festival
(Official Selection)